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Our Services

Neuropsychological Assessment:

This is a comprehensive assessment of thinking, memory, concentration and other cognitive functions. During this session, Dr Bonnie-Kate will gather information about your current problems and your background. The bulk of the assessment involves the administration of standardised tests using pen and paper tasks, manipulation of materials such as blocks and answering questions. The assessment typically takes two to three hours for clinical purposes. A written report of the results is then prepared.

A feedback session can be organised to discuss the results in terms of strengths and weaknesses. This feedback can provide information about your brain injury or illness and guide further treatment.

Cognitive Rehabilitation Programs:

The goal of rehabilitation is to enable a person to live with, manage and come to terms with changes that occur following brain injury. Based on an understanding of the up to date clinical research, Dr Bonnie-Kate will work with an individual to identify goals to increase everyday functioning and independence. A compensatory approach may be adopted to help an individual understand, bypass or reduce changes in memory, problem solving, attention etc.

Some examples of cognitive rehabilitation goals are remembering to attend appointments, maintaining study skills or multi-tasking at work. Practical techniques will be introduced and mastered in each session with the use of specialised training methods. The effect or outcome of the treatment can be determined with measures of thinking, mood and confidence will be taken before, during and after treatment.     

Medico-Legal Services:

Reports can be prepared for the report in matter of personal injury and clinical negligence. Bonnie-Kate has undergone specialised training with Bond Solon and the Royal Society of Medicine. She is also experienced in assessment of capacity following acquired brain injury. Her medicolegal terms and conditions are available upon request.

Psychological Support:

Brain injury can have a significant impact on an individual’s mood and sense of self. It is common for people to experience low mood or increased anxiety as a direct result of the brain injury or as they try to make sense of the changes in their life. Dr Bonnie-Kate can offer specialist psychotherapy sessions to guide people through this adjustment process.

Dr Dewar is recognised by all major private medical insurance providers, including BUPA and AXA PPP.